The Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl would not exist without it's volunteers!  The Steering Committee is a panel of unpaid community members and educators dedicated to putting on the best competitions ever for our kids.  When it comes to the competition itself, every level bowl needs volunteers to work in the competition rooms as moderators, scorekeepers, timekeepers, or console judges.  There is always a training for volunteers before each competition, and coaches, teachers and invested parents make great volunteers.

Ways to Help and Encourage Your Volunteers:

  1. Let them meet with your team when you practice at least once.   Let them function as a moderator, scorekeeper, timekeeper, or console judge.  If possible, have them run a few mock rounds with your team.
  2. Give them a copy of the rules and their duties to read.   http://www.dekalbschoolsga.org/documents/hrrb/volunteer-training.pdf
  3. Talk to them about which volunteer job they are more comfortable with so that they know what position to ask for when they arrive.  We recommend that first time volunteers serve as scorekeepers and timekeepers first.
  4. Ask them to go online and watch previous training videos and home videos of competition rounds on the Cobb County Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl Channel.  While there are errors in the rounds, we can learn and improve on those sessions.
  5. In the car, talk with them about possible scenarios and pitfalls they need to be careful of (like giving a correct answer before teams have a chance).