The RSVP window is now closed.  We are accepting applications and will update team statuses here on this webpage.  When we receive communication from coaches, you will see a string of items (coach names-application completed-fee paid-questions written and submitted-volunteer submitted) appear after each school's name to confirm their receipt.

High School Level

  • South Cobb (Brian Ragsdale, Steven Villegas-Garcia)
  • Kennesaw Mountain (Anne Garrett, Nan Lanford)

Middle School Level

  • Palmer (Taylor Wickline)
  • Griffin (Lori Quintana, Ashley Baringer, Tyler Wheeler)
  • Awtry (Anita Foster-application received)
  • Tapp (Lisa Roberts)
  • Lovinggood (Renee Crumley)
  • Campbell (Ingrid Hanson, Jamie Moyer, Michael Glenn, Chelsea Conant)
  • Smitha (Brenda Speir)
  • Hightower (Amy Pease)
  • McClure (Susan Coulombe, Jane Cera, Ashley Greenway)
  • Floyd (Michael Lazazzara, Claudia Martinez)
  • Dickerson (Kathren Inman, Susan Sharrow, J. Sherwood)
  • Lindley (Tammy Else)
  • Cooper (Kimberly Smith,, Susan Daley)

Elementary School Level

  • Cheatham Hill (Ashley Costello, Marla Buro)
  • Sanders (Katy Laine, Carol Love)
  • Austell (Julie Smith)
  • Clarkdale (Michelle Jorgensen, Bobbie Hill, Amy Poole, Karlee Gonzalez)
  • Teasley (Amy Crosby)
  • Timber Ridge (Judith Lee)
  • Bullard (Ellen Adams, Nikki Brooks)
  • Hayes (Emily Justice, Cathy Spencer, Sally Sliger)
  • Powers Ferry (Kathy Culbertson, Kelly Fannin, Maggie Hodges
  • Kemp (Lynn Sieland-Peterson)
  • Shallowford Falls (Janice Kelley, Charlotte Fields)
  • Big Shanty (Tracey Sender, Barbara Powell-Schager)
  • Kincaid (Dianne Reid, Paula Garner)
  • Hollydale (Eileen Cater, Carrie Smead, Denise Hawkins, Heather Laura)
  • Mableton (Debbie Holden)
  • Vaughan (Kate Murray)